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Water Immersion/Water Birth Class In Person

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DeKalb Medical is proud to offer Water Immersion (WI) / Water Birth (WB) as an option to today's women desiring choices for pain relief in labor and birth.
Both Water Immersion and Water Birth requires OB Provider approval, please talk to your OB Provider about your options.
To prepare for WI / WB, it is required to take a DeKalb Medical WI / WB class.

We recommend taking the WI / WB class during your 6th - 7th month of pregnancy.
Class covers benefits, risks, eligibility requirements, contraindications, guidelines and care during WI / WB.
You must bring your certificate to the hospital when you arrive in labor to be able to participate in WI and/ or WB.

Please note: taking the WI / WB class does not guarantee you will be able to experience WI / WB.
The 'in person' class is for mom and 1 guest (partner, spouse, support person). At the completion of the class, you will receive a Water Immersion / Water Birth Certificate. You will need your OB provider to cosign the certificate and present the signed certificate when you come in labor.


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